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准备给UserBase写些酷的howto's或者内容? 不用担心, 使用 MediaWiki 很容易. 但在你开始前,请花片刻时间阅读这些指导,有助于每个人有良好的UserBase体验。

1. 注意我们的许可协议. 您对KDE UserBase的所有贡献都被认为是在GNU自由文档许可证(GNU Free Documentation License)和知识共享署名-相同方式共享许可协议(Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license)下发布。这基本上意味着只要你注明原作者的姓名并在发布修改后新作品上适用相同类型的许可协议,你就可以自由使用UserBase的内容,分配和修改它。

2. 尊重外部来源的内容. 当你使用其他网站的内容,不管它是文字,截图,或者图片,请确认你有他们的许可,同时你承认他们的工作,可能要链接到他们的站点上。 如果你有疑惑, 社区工作团队会帮助有关各方互相联系。

3. 尊重其他人的工作. 尤其是那些已经存在的内容。试着照着已经存在的版面继续写, 比如 程序 页面. 如果你想做些大的变更,请在动手前在该页面的讨论页留条讯息,并在适当的时间段内等候回复。你可以用讨论页与其他贡献人员交流。Wiki被设计成协作编辑,所以可以随便的互相讨论。

4. 当你保存修改时留个简洁明了的摘要. 这使得其他人对做的修改一目了然。这尤其对那些监视最近更改的人非常有用。当然,我们假定你摘要里写的确实描述了你做的修改。我们以信任与合作为基础,所以最好记住这一点。

5. 如果可能,注册帐号并登录. 这不但在必要的时候联系你更容易,更重要的是承认你的工作。谁知道?或许你就是下一个UserBase 新星.

6. Remember the purpose of UserBase. UserBase is not the correct place to make feature requests or bug reports for KDE software. We have a dedicated bug tracker for that and a BugSquad that helps take care of it (you might be interested in helping out, too). Your wishes or bugs will get heard better there. Be aware of putting in information or steps that apply to specific distributions only. Please put a note that the information applies to that particular distribution. When in doubt, it's best to note it anyway.

7. Be consistent in style. A good template for a new article is PageLayout and code snippets to help you achieve it can be copied from Toolbox.

8. Last, but definitely not the least, please be guided by the Code of Conduct. The KDE community is built on a culture of collaboration, mutual respect, and trust. These values allows the community to work together in a pleasing and inspiring atmosphere. The Code expresses these values in concrete words. Be sure to give it a good read and keep it mind, whether contributing to UserBase or any area relating to the KDE community.

We look forward to your help in building up KDE's knowledge base for users and we hope that you will enjoy the experience of being an active part in this international family, the KDE Community.

Content is available under Creative Commons License SA 4.0 unless otherwise noted.