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Translating pages

Hi - I see you are translating the instructions for installing KDE software. Why not get a Translator account - use the link on the right, here - and do your translations on the main page? The translation tool offers you one "message" at a time, so you can work at your own speed - no need to complete a page all at once Face-smile.png and it has the advantage of being useful to others.

15:29, 5 March 2012

Nice to mead you. It's because I'm very slowly and newer in this world.

15:45, 5 March 2012

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Welcome to the Translator group

Welcome to the Translator group.You will notice on Translation_Workflow#Language-specific_guideline_pages that a Team Leader exists for your language. While there is no requirement for you to contact your Team Leader, it would be appreciated if you do so.

I suspect that you will want to try on-line translation first, unless you are very familiar with off-line translation tools. It would be a good idea to read through Tasks_and_Tools, Translate_a_Page and Translation_Workflow before starting work. You will find lots of help linked from those pages, but please ask if there is anything you don't understand. You will notice that Translation_Workflow has a link to a language specific page, where the Team Leader for your language is named. He/She will always help with language-specific questions.

The option to export messages for off-line working is found in the first combibox of the page you reach via the Translate this Page link. When you work off-line we ask you to send your first set of messages to me for uploading. Once it is confirmed that they upload without a problem you will be told how to upload them yourself.

Please ask if you are unsure about anything. Enjoy!

07:37, 6 March 2012

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