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Hi Sdx

You wrote:

@Claus chr - this page does not have any translations, so if I delete the old, unused translation tags, does it hurt anyone!? The translation tags everywhere make it difficult to work with this page, but the topics need re-arrangement because they are not well organized and even refer to an ancient digiKam v2.0. How about removing translation tags all together when nobody is trying to translate this anyway?

I can see why you would think, that there are no translations, but in fact that is not correct. If you press the arrow next to English you'll see, that it has been translated to German, Catalan, Danish, French, Italian and Ukranian.

Could you have a look at the page as it is now, please? I tried to retain as many of your changes as possible. In particular, all items that you moved to a different section have remained in that section - however some of them have been moved a little up or down in the list to keep the already translated content in one unit.

If there are still something that you feel needs changing let me know; I am sure we can find a solution.

Btw. it is easier to use the Talk page for these conversations.

Claus chr (talk) 07:00, 11 January 2021 (UTC)

Sdx (talk) OK, my bad, I didn't notice that there are translations. I now figured out how the translation markers work (confusing that they appear after headings but before normal text) and should be able to handle editing translation pages. For now I will not do much here, a bit busy with other things. Thanks for the reply!
BTW, these Talk pages are very weird. almost as weird as digiKam mailing list (in 2021 terms). Would love to see private messages instead.

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