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Wacomtablet is a collection of tools for setting up graphical tablet in KDE


Wacomtablet package provides following components:

  • Tablet tab for Input devices section in System Settings.
  • Plasma applet which allows quick access to tablet settings.
  • Background daemon that automatically applies tablet settings when session starts or a tablet is plugged in, and provides global hotkeys for switching tablet configuration profiles.

Known issues

  • This is an optional component. If you can't find corresponding tab in System Settings, then it is not installed. Install it using your distribution's package manager or, if you can't find it in available packages, request in your distribution's bug tracker to package it.
  • Tablet device recognition currently relies on internal database. If your tablet is missing from System Settings, but is recognized by xsetwacom utility, run Wacom Tablet finder utility (kde_wacom_tabletfinder) and add your tablet manually.
  • Wayland is not supported yet.
  • Screen rotation tracking works only for primary output. You can select primary output in your display settings.

Calibration issues & manual calibration

If you're facing issues with calibrating your tablet, run kcmshell5 wacomtablet, perform calibration, and include the console output in the bug report.

If you've managed to properly calibrate your tablet with xsetwacom or xinput, please include xinput list-props dumps for incorrect (set by wacomtablet KCM) and correct settings (set by another tool) for comparison.

You can also fine tune or manually edit your calibration settings in ~/.config/tabletprofilesrc, by editing ScreenMap values (which correspond Wacom Tablet Area property).