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<big>'''Stedet for KDE -brugere og entusiaster'''</big>
<big>'''Stedet for KDE -brugere og entusiaster'''</big>
Contact us by using '''[[Talk:Welcome_to_KDE_UserBase|the Discussion tab]]''' if you want to discuss anything you see, or would like to see, in Userbase.''
'''''Kontakt os''' ved at bruge '''[[Talk:Welcome_to_KDE_UserBase|fanebladet Diskussion]]''' hvis du vil diskutere noget du ser <br />eller noget der burde være i Userbase.''
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Stedet for KDE -brugere og entusiaster

Kontakt os ved at bruge fanebladet Diskussion hvis du vil diskutere noget du ser
eller noget der burde være i Userbase.

An introduction to KDE
Learn more about the KDE community and its software and find information to help you get started. Also, discover what UserBase is and how it can help you.
Getting Help
Need some help? Here are some suggested places where you can get help with problems, as well some hints on how to improve the quality of answers you receive.
Discover the wide variety of applications from the KDE Community, and find out what program suits your needs and preferences.
How-To's, Tips & Tricks that can help make your KDE software experience more enjoyable and productive.

If you are ready to contribute, please read UserBase and UserBase/Guidelines before starting. If you already contribute, check out Stats to see the top 10 contributors for the week, the most popular pages and most discussed pages.

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