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So, you have installed Linux and have chosen a KDE workspace for the first time. Or maybe you're returning to KDE software after a long odyssey somewhere else. Or maybe you're planning to use a KDE workspace and applications but want to find out more about them first. What is this shiny thing that's staring at you from your computer?

Una comunitat internacional

KDE is ours, courtesy of Wade Olson
KDE és més que un programari. Es tracta d'una «comunitat» composta per programadors, traductors, col·laboradors, artistes, escriptors, distribuïdors i usuaris de tot el món. El nostre equip internacional de tecnologia s'ha compromès a crear el millor programari lliure per a l'escriptori. I no només els col·laboradors, també els usuaris i fans del programari KDE es poden trobar al voltant de tot el globus, donant ajuda a altres usuaris, difonent les notícies, o simplement gaudint de l'experiència.

(Imatge cortesia d'en Wade Olson)

Una nova i brillant àrea de treball


KDE va començar la seva vida com un entorn d'escriptori. Com la seva activitat ha crescut, el KDE és ara un equip internacional que crea Programari obert i lliure.

En la pràctica el que això significa és que els molts programes de la comunitat KDE treballen conjuntament per donar-vos la millor experiència de computació possible. Vol dir això que no es pot utilitzar una aplicació de KDE, si no es fa servir l'escriptori KDE? No, en absolut. Amb l'ajuda d'una o dues biblioteques extres les aplicacions es poden utilitzar en gairebé qualsevol escriptori. És més, algun d'aquests programaris no tant sols s'executen en Linux. Alguns dels nous dispositius petits; telèfons intel·ligents i tablets d'Internet, tenen aplicacions del KDE!

There are a variety of programs to suit any user's needs, from simple yet powerful text editors, to rocking audio and video players, to the most sophisticated integrated development environment. Plus, KDE applications follow a consistent look and feel across the desktop, giving you a comfortable and familiar experience when using any KDE program. Every six months a new, updated version of a huge number of applications is released - and that's known as the Software Compilation (SC). Some other applications don't update at the same time, but release new versions independently.

KDE software has several other features that makes it a top-class working environment, such as:

  • A beautiful and modern desktop
  • A flexible and configurable system, letting you customize applications without too much editing of text files
  • Network transparency allows you to easily access files on other networks and computers as if they were on your own computer
  • A software ecosystem of hundreds, even thousands, of programs
  • Availability in over 60 languages

Free Software

KDE software isn't just any software. It is Free Software. As a user, this is an important fact, even without getting deep into technical or legal considerations. Why? Because as free software, you are free to use KDE wherever you want and in whatever manner you want, no activation keys and no installation limits. And you're free to share it with others as well! So not only do you have in your hands great and powerful software, but you can also give your family and friends the opportunity to enjoy it, too.

Curious about Free Software? Read more about it on the Free Software Foundation's website.


A diagram of the various aspects of the KDE Platform

KDE is a huge community of people who create software. We all have in common that we're building upon an infrastructure we have developed over the years: the KDE Platform.

  • the Plasma workspace - the user interface element, customized for different devices such as PCs, notebooks, or mobile devices
  • elements of the KDE Platform - exposes common functionality to applications
  • KDE Applications - software programs that are written to utilize the platform

More information can be found on KDE TechBase

There's more!

And it doesn't stop there! The KDE community has lots more to offer!

  • Other Platforms - Some KDE applications are available for Windows, Mac OS X, and portable devices such as Nokia N810.
  • Office and Productivity Suite - KDE is not only fun, it can help you get productive and organized as well.
  • Application Development Framework - Dreaming of writing the next killer app? KDE software and community support can help you with that.
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