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So, you have installed Linux and have chosen a KDE workspace for the first time. Or maybe you're returning to KDE software after a long odyssey somewhere else. Or maybe you're planning to use a KDE workspace and applications but want to find out more about them first. What is this shiny thing that's staring at you from your computer?

An International Community

KDE is ours, courtesy of Wade Olson

KDE is more than just software. It is a community made up of programmers, translators, contributors, artists, writers, distributors, and users from all over the world. Our international technology team is committed to creating the best free software for the desktop. And not only contributors, but users and fans of KDE software can be found throughout the entire globe, giving help to other users, spreading the news, or just simply enjoying the experience.

(Image courtesy of Wade Olson)

Цілком нова працовна полха


Проєкт KDE зачав як десктопове середовище. А як ся зачали росшырёвати актівіты около, KDE ся стало міджінароднов ґрупов людей, котры творять слободный і отвореный софтвер.

В праксї то значіть, же векшына проґрамів од KDE комуніты сполупрацує докопы так, абы хоснователїм понукла што найлїпшый зажыток з їх хоснованя. То значіть, же не можете хосновати KDE аплікації покы не хоснуєте KDE десктоп? Нїт! Лем з помочов єдной, ці двох книжніць можуть быти аплікації хоснованы на будьякых десктопах. Што є іщі інтереснїше, же многы проґрамы уж не мусять веце біжати лем на ОС Linux, але тыж на різных кешенёвых апаратах, хытрых телефонах і інтернетовых таблетох.

KDE нукать много аплікацій, котры повнять потребы хоснователїв - од простых але выконных текстовых едіторів, через великолепны програвачі музикы і відеа, аж по найсофістікованїшы інтеґрованы вывоёвы середовища. KDE аплікації навеце приносять єднотный взгляд через цілый десктоп і понукать так комфортне приємне чутя при їх хоснованю. Нова, вылїпшена верзія із копов аплікацій выходить каждых шість місяцїв і є знама під назвов Software Compilation (SC). Дакотры аплікації не суть выпущаны в тот самый час, але независло на KDE SC.

KDE аплікації понукають цілый шор далшых функцій, котры ціле KDE робить верьхом міджі працовныма середовищами а то:

  • A beautiful and modern desktop
  • A flexible and configurable system, letting you customize applications without too much editing of text files
  • Network transparency allows you to easily access files on other networks and computers as if they were on your own computer
  • A software ecosystem of hundreds, even thousands, of programs
  • Availability in over 60 languages

Free Software

KDE software isn't just any software. It is Free Software. As a user, this is an important fact, even without getting deep into technical or legal considerations. Why? Because as free software, you are free to use KDE wherever you want and in whatever manner you want, no activation keys and no installation limits. And you're free to share it with others as well! So not only do you have in your hands great and powerful software, but you can also give your family and friends the opportunity to enjoy it, too.

Curious about Free Software? Read more about it on the Free Software Foundation's website.


A diagram of the various aspects of the KDE Platform

KDE is a huge community of people who create software. We all have in common that we're building upon an infrastructure we have developed over the years: the KDE Platform.

  • the Plasma workspace - the user interface element, customized for different devices such as PCs, notebooks, or mobile devices
  • elements of the KDE Platform - exposes common functionality to applications
  • KDE Applications - software programs that are written to utilize the platform

More information can be found on KDE TechBase

There's more!

And it doesn't stop there! The KDE community has lots more to offer!

  • Other Platforms - Some KDE applications are available for Windows, Mac OS X, and portable devices such as Nokia N810.
  • Office and Productivity Suite - KDE is not only fun, it can help you get productive and organized as well.
  • Application Development Framework - Dreaming of writing the next killer app? KDE software and community support can help you with that.
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