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# [[Phonon]]
# [[Phonon]]
# [[Baloo]]
# [[Baloo]]
# [[Accessibility]] (and pages linked from there)

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UserBase Wiki Team

Notes from the Akademy BOF

  • New welcome page! I have started it in my "personal" space - everyone can edit.
  • A new Introduction to new contributors - should be short and focus on the bare essentials; how to get an account, how to get in contact, a few things to avoid when editing existing pages, links to detailed info.
    • The existing help pages needs cleanup and restructuring.

Use [[Category:New page]] at the bottom of any page that we are currently working on (wheather it is a new page or an old page under revision. When the work is done change [[Category:New page]] to [[Category:Good page]] (it won't be displayed on the actual page - it is just there to help us keep track of our work.

Plan of attack:

  1. Plasma pages - at least the general stuff.
  2. Create pages for missing applications -- at least short description, logo, screenshot and links. Details can come later.
  3. Existing application pages - make sure basic info is up to date, links working. Determine if content needs rewriting
  4. Contributors pages

Needs attention at some point:

  1. Stats - most of the statistics no longer works
  2. Some pages are not linked to: fx KDE_System_Administration
  3. Some pages are probably not needed anymore:
  4. There are several references to Strigi, sRts, KControl, Kicker

Needs to be added to/changed in help page:

  1. The new {{Emoji}} template

Pages that are not linked to

  1. Phonon
  2. Baloo
  3. Accessibility (and pages linked from there)

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