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Become a contributor

Getting an account

If you want to contribute to UserBase you need to register an account; this has many advantages:

  • You get a user name and a user page which you can use to make drafts.
  • You can watch pages to get notifications if something on the page changes.
  • Your user name makes it easy for other people to recognize your work.
  • You become a part of the KDE community.
  • ... and much more!

Creating an Account

  • In case you don't have a KDE Identity, register one here (your username will be combined based on your first and last name given during registration).
  • After that is done, select the Log in link in the top bar of this wiki and input your KDE Identity.
  • Now you are logged in, congrats!

You can change your profile in Preferences, for example timezone in the Date and time tab.

Before you start contributing

Be aware, that contributions to this wiki is released under the Creative Commons License SA 4.0 license.

Please also take note of our Code of Conduct.

What the UserBase wiki is about

This wiki is meant for end users of KDE products.

What the UserBase wiki is not about

  • UserBase is not the place for info on development of our software, installation of not-yet-released versions and similar technical subjects. For that, go to the Community wiki.
  • It is not for reporting bugs or annoyances or requesting new features. For that, go to our bug reporting site or use the relevant Mailing Lists.
  • It is not the place to share your opinions about our products, or tell the developers what they should be doing. If you want a discussion, you might find the Matrix channel interesting. (But do remember the Code of Conduct ).

Start contributing

Whatever happens, you are not alone. If you hit a problem don't be afraid to ask. Use "Discussion" pages for questions about the topics under discussion - they are usually picked up quite quickly. Quick questions that don't need a lengthy answer can be asked on Libera Chat IRC, channel #kde-www or on Matrix, channel

Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Someone is watching over you (or at least over the pages you edit). If you get something wrong, someone else will make it right.

Introduction to wiki editing

See this MediaWiki page for a general introduction to editing wikis. On UserBase we have a number of additional tools to help creating content, and some conventions that we would like our pages to follow. However, you don't need to know everything before you start contributing. You'll learn as you go along.

Editing a page

Modifying an image

Creating a new page

Translating a page (or modifying a translation)

Before you can start translating content on UserBase you must request translator rights. Go to this page and follow the instructions. Normally you will be given translator rights within a few days. A small note will be added to your request to notify you, that you have been given the requested rights.

Wiki gardening

If you come across a page that is no longer relevent (fx a page for an app that is no longer maintained) place a [[proposed_deletion]] on the page.

Guide to editing

Mediawiki syntax

MediaWiki site

Guide to UserBase editing