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    Adding new contacts is one of the basic tasks of an address book application.

    You need to have at least one address book, to create a new contact. Go to How to create a new address book? to learn how to create a new address book.

    First click on + New Contact button, this will open a form in a popup.

    Click on + New Contact

    In the popup, fill out the form with the information that you want to save. At the top of the form, you can select the address book, you want to add the contact.

    You can add more than one phone number, website, and email. Just click on the + button and select a category.

    Creating a new contact (Batman cosplay CC-BY)

    More information can be added. For this, navigate between the tabs: Location, Business, Personal, Notes, Custom Fields.

    To add location information you need to install the kdepim-addons package first.

    When you are done, confirm the contact creating by clicking on Ok.