KPlato/Manual/Managing Resources

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You can create resources for a project using the Resource Editor from within the project.

However, if you are going to use the same resources in many projects (which is often the case) it is more convenient to maintain resources in a central file. You can then import the resources from this file into the projects when a new project is started.

There is two ways to import resources:

  • Using the menu option Tools -> Insert Project File.
  • Using the import script Tools -> Scripts -> Import -> Resources from KPlato File.


This can only be used to import new resources. If a resource already exists, it will not be updated.

Using the Insert Project File

Note that this is a general insert function and will import other data than resources and calendars if present in the file.

Using the import script

The script provided by default imports data from a KPlato file only.

However, the scripting functionality can be utilized to write scripts that import resources from other data stores.


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