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    KStars is a powerful and intuitive desktop planetarium program for KDE. It shows an accurate graphical representation of the night sky, as seen from any location on Earth, at any time. Come explore the nightsky!

    KStars is part of the KDE Edutainment Project.


    KStars Homepage

    Authors and Developers

    • Jason Harris <kstars AT 30doradus DOT org> (original author and current maintainer)
    • Jasem Mutlaq
    • Pablo de Vicente
    • Heiko Evermann
    • Thomas Kabelmann
    • Mark Hollomon
    • Carsten Niehaus
    • Akarsh Simha


    KStars is included in all official KDE releases, in the edu.kde.org Science module.

    You can also download the latest KStars tarball, or take the plunge and try compiling from SVN.


    Scorpius Rising

    more screenshots...


    Open Bug Reports



    FAQ in Handbook



    KStars is under continuous development by a small group of dedicated hobbyists. Here's our current TODO list.

    Join Us

    We are always looking for new members of the KStars team! Come help us make KStars the best desktop planetarium it can be. You can subscribe to our mailinglist to get involved. There's plenty to do for all skill levels and interests.

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    Copyright and Licence

    copyright © The KStars team, 2004-2009

    KStars is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), Version 2.