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    KWordQuiz is a tool that gives you a powerful way to master new vocabularies. It may be a language or any other kind of terminology.

    It is part of the KDE Education Project.

    KWordQuiz is the KDE version of the Windows program WordQuiz. If you have just switched to KDE/Linux you can use all files created in WordQuiz with KWordQuiz.


    • Easy to use
    • Five different practice modes
    • Flashcards and Quiz types
    • Several Vocabulary documents formats supported


    Edit the current vocabulary file
    Learning with flashcards
    Learning with multiple choice tests
    Type in the correct answer
    You can configure KWordQuiz in many ways

    Vocabulary Files

    You can find files with vocabulary and other content following these links:

    • KWordQuiz files on the author's website: browse...
    • Old formatted but still usable files on the KDE Education Project website: browse...
    • Files in the current format on the KDE Education Project website: browse...
    • KWordQuiz files on browse...