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This submenu can also be displayed by right-clicking in the track header (anywhere but on the track name). It has the following options:

Insert Track
Kdenlive project tracks01.png

Displays a dialog which lets you choose which type of track to insert and where — before or after a specified existing track.

Delete Track
Kdenlive project tracks02.png

Displays a dialog which lets you choose which track to delete.

Configure Tracks
Kdenlive project tracks04.png

Brings up the configuration dialog for all tracks. The only functionality provided in this dialog that is not available elsewhere is changing the track type. Three buttons on the right side (for moving tracks up/down and adding new tracks) have not been implemented yet as of Kdenlive version 0.9.10. Changing the track name, hiding, muting and locking can all be done directly on the track header.

Select All in Current Track

Selects all clips in the current track.

Select All

Selects all clips in all tracks.

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