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The Project Bin

The Project Bin is a view in Kdenlive which lists all the clips that are associated with the project. In earlier versions of Kdenlive this view was known as the Project Tree. In addition to the new name, versions 15.04 and higher introduced two new options to the view's toolbar. The list following the example describes the options represented by the icons on the toolbar (identified by the numbers in the screenshots).


1. Opens the Project Folder in a window for selecting video and audio clips to be added to the bin.

2. Displays a drop down list for adding other clip types to the Project Bin.

Options from Menu under Icon 2
  1. Add Clip
  2. Add Color Clip
  3. Add Slideshow Clip
  4. Add Title Clip
  5. Add Template Title
  6. Online Resources
  7. Generators

3. Allows you to add folders to the Project Bin. These are not actual file system folders but virtual folders to help you organize large Project Bins. See Create Folder

4. Deletes the selected clip from the Project Bin (but not from the file system).

5 Color tagging. (Since version 20.04.0)

Menu under Icon 5

6. Brings up additional options shown below for customizing the Project Bin view .

Menu under Icon 6

7 Filter by tags and stars

Menu under Icon 7

Filtering by clip type

Menu under Icon 7

8. A search box to display all the clips in the bin whose filenames or titles contain the entered text.

9. Number of times this clip is used in the project timeline

Clips can be dragged from the Project Bin to the Timeline.

Project Bin - Right-Click Menu

The images below show the menu items available when you right-click a clip in the Project Bin.

Kdenlive Project bin right click menu.png

The menu items which appear when you right-click on an item in the Project Bin are also available from the Clip Menu.

  1. Extract Audio
  2. Transcode
  3. Clip Jobs
    1. Stabilize
    2. Automatic Scene Split
    3. Duplicate Clip with speed change
  4. Clip in Timeline
  5. Locate Clip
  6. Reload Clip
  7. Replace Clip
  8. Duplicate Clip
  9. Proxy Clip
  10. Clip Properties
  11. Edit Clip
  12. Rename
  13. Delete Clip

If you want to reverse a clip you can do it via Speed Effect or by Duplicate Clip with speed change

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