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Some of this information is old and may be obsolete. If you are a user of Kopete please either directly edit this page or add notes on the attached Discussion page

General Information

With the Winpopup plugin it is possible to send and receive windows "net send" messages with Kopete.

It should work with Windows 2000, XP and every OS where Samba is running on (BSDs, Linux, OSX...). For Windows 98 and ME you need an additional Winpopup program.


It is re-enabled since Kopete 0.12-alpha1.

The current version has been tested only with Samba 3.0.x. It may or may not work with Samba 2.2.x or Samba 4.

Prerequisites and configuration

You must have installed the samba server and smbclient program. The samba server needs to be configured and running.

It needs a directory where messages are temporarily stored.

mkdir -p -m 0777 /var/lib/winpopup

Add "message command = _PATH_TO_/winpopup-send.sh %s %m %t &" to your smb.conf [global] section.

So it may look like this:

workgroup = TUX-NET
server string = my linux server
interfaces = localhost eth0
bind interfaces only = yes
name resolve order = host wins bcast
dead time = 5
message command = /opt/kde3/bin/winpopup-send.sh %s %m %t &;
local master = yes
preferred master = yes 

# share definitions

For further information take a look at the smb.conf manpage.