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Latte Dock!
Latte Dock!

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First try to clean your Qt cache, #788, kubuntu bug 1736765:

  1. Close Latte
  2. Delete everything from the folder ~/.cache/lattedock/qmlcache/
  3. Start Latte again

Use the following guidelines:

  • Install ddd
  • Run ddd latte-dock
  • Inside the text field on the lower side of the ddd window, write and execute run
  • When Latte crashes, click Status in the menu and select Backtrace
  • This will show you a window with numbered lines that can be helpful for the development team to find the issue.

If the crash originates from QML, you should try the following:

  • Run the following command:
    env QV4_FORCE_INTERPRETER=1 latte-dock -d
  • If the above does not provide enough info, you could try:
    env QV4_FORCE_INTERPRETER=1 ddd --debugger /bin/gdb latte-dock

Which should provide more information if the debug packages are installed.

If nothing mentioned above succeeds, you could try to check if the crash is related to a specific plasmoid:

  1. Use Latte with default Layout (does it crash?)
  2. If it doesn't crash, start adding your plasmoids one by one in order to check their behavior and if they crash Latte.

If it is expected that Latte will eventually crash throughout the day due to the unresolved issue, the user can use the previous suggestions to provide a meaningful backtrace...

For 95% of the cases, this backtrace can help the development team identify if the crash is a Latte-Dock issue and not caused from upstream.

Any good backtrace is much appreciated! Please report such issues at