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Calligra Plan (>= 2.7) can import data from other project managers using the Microsoft Project Exchange (MPXJ) Java library found here. Currently release 4.2 is needed. MPXJ supports a number of formats, as of release 2.7 only mpp, mpx and planner are tested with Plan.

What needs to be setup:

  • MPXJ requires the Apache POI - the Java API for Microsoft Documents. This is included in the MPXJ download, but can also be found here. So both mpxj.jar and poi.jar must be installed on the system.
  • The two jar files must be in a place where java can find it. Alternatively you can define CLASSPATH or PLAN_CLASSPATH in your environment variables to point to it, e.g. with
    export PLAN_CLASSPATH=/path/to/mpxj/mpxj.jar:/path/to/poi/poi.jar


Export to ICalendar format

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