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Proposed New Service Providers

Here you can propose a new service provider, by adding it to the list.

Please add an example link that directly shows the departure board for a specific stop. Please also add some sample stop names, to easily try out the new service provider. Furthermore you can try to find out how to construct an URL to a departure board for a specific stop (by filling in the stop name somewhere into the url).

Don't forget to add your contact information.


If the service provider uses ASP it most probably won't work. But if you can construct an URL directly to the departure board for a specific stop and time all is fine.


Status Service Provider Supported Region Link to Departure Board Sample Stop Names Comments Contact

Problem: ASP, cannot construct URLs directly to a departure board Telargo Slovenia Strelisce gojgl under, Friedrich Pülz

New RATP France Eglise de Pantin, trocadero, hoche For local transportation in Paris. the URL construct seems to be, at least for subway{TypeOfVehicle}/prochains_passages/PP/{stop}/{TransportLine}/{Target} (the Target is the letter A or R). Stéphane Pontier
New Regione Lombardia Lombardia (Italia) [1] "MILANO, Crocetta M3", "GESSATE", "COMO" No direct URL to timetable (if needed, I could make a wrapper on another server as workaround); no real time; it covers everything except airports Francesco Frassinelli
New Trenitalia Italia [2] "Milano Centrale", "Venezia Mestre", "Roma Termini" Trenitalia trains; real time data; no direct URL to timetable (if needed, I could make a wrapper on another server as workaround); direct URL for train details Francesco Frassinelli
New NTV Italia [3] "Milano P.G.", "Roma Tib.", "Torino P. Susa" High speed train (private competitor); ASP website, but direct URLs are used (for global data, station trains and train detail); real time data; under "Stazioni in tempo reale" there's a complete list of stations served Francesco Frassinelli
New TFL London, United Kindom [4] "Baker street" London buses, tube, DLR, overground and river transports; direct URLS; text version always available; real time data; OpenStreetMaps used Francesco Frassinelli