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    Presentations for screening or printing, Open Document Format, of course

    Stage is an easy to use yet still flexible presentation application. You can easily create presentations containing a rich variety of elements, from graphics to text, from charts to images. Stage is extensible through a plugin system, so it is easy to add new effects, new content elements or even new ways of managing your presentation. Because of the integration with Calligra, all the power and flexibility of the Calligra content elements are available to Stage.


    • Use rich text, with bullet points, indentation, spacing, colors, fonts, etc.
    • Set your background with color, gradients, pictures, clip-art, etc.
    • Set many object properties such as background, gradients, pen, shadow, rotation, object specific settings, etc.

    Use multiple master slides

    • Use multiple master slides and switch between them during the presentation
    • Advanced undo/redo
    • Assign effects for animating objects and define effects for changing slides
    • Embed images and clip-art

    Creating a slide with image

    • Organise your presentation with the Slides Overview facility

    The Slides Overview page

    • Play your presentation with effects

    Adding Transitions

    • Print to Postscript
    • and much more.