Update an Image

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    This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

    Available Tools


    • Find an image that needs to be updated
    • Click on the image and it should take you to the File page for that image (the first tab at the top should be File)
      • If clicking on the image doesn't work or takes you to another page, see Find the File Page
    • Under File history, click on Upload a new version of this file
    • Click on the Browse button (sometimes shown as an icon) to the right of the Source filename box
    • Browse to and select the new image on your computer and click on OK
    • Write a short summary of the changes in File changes box
    • Click on Upload file


    After uploading a new version of the file it is recommended that you force a refresh of the page in the browser. Otherwise the browser may display the old version in the file from within its cache. And you might think your new file version has not updated.

    Find the File Page

    Sometimes an image links to a different place than the File page. In these cases you need to look for the File page name in the wiki text.

    • On the page with the image, click on the Edit icon or tab (depends on the theme chosen) at the top
    • Find the wiki markup for the image, it should look something like
    [[File:Kde.png|link=Special:myLanguage/An introduction to KDE]]
    • Find the File page name in the beginning of the markup, i.e. the text between [[ and | (in the example above File:Kde.png)
    • Enter http://userbase.kde.org/File_page_name in the web browser's location bar, for example