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Zanshin is a powerful yet simple application for managing your day to day actions.


Zanshin helps you organize and reduce the cognitive pressure of what one has to do in his job and personal life. You'll never forget anything anymore, getting your mind like water.

Main Features

  • Collect all your tasks and be sure of never forget anything.
  • Create and Organize a project, a context and start filling them with some tasks with due date.
  • Focus on a project or a phone call and see all components.
  • The Zanshin Application is entirely Optimize for keyboard use with shortcurts.
  • Zanshin is fully Integrated in the KDE Applications and with KDE Plasma Desktop

How To Get Zanshin

Since Zanshin is written in portable Qt technology, it is available on many different operating systems:

  • Ubuntu
  • OpenSUSE
  • Fedora
  • Arch Linux
  • Gentoo

More information here!

Additional information

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