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This page shows a list of all languages supported by KDE UserBase Wiki, together with the names of the translators working on that language. A translator's name appears larger, the more edits the translator has contributed. The color of an underline indicates how recently a translator has been active here.

5 languages in total.

Legend for the color: Last translation 0 30 60 90 120 150 180 days ago.

[de] German - Deutsch

Language statistics and recent translations

Translators: Sordon, Emuede, Torbjoernklatt, Neverendingo, Ognarb, Gilbert, Pipesmoker, JanSchnacki, Jmairboeck, Annew, TKai, VaterGarp, Mono, Aebexo, Bulldog98, DaGeRe89, Claus chr, DerFriedrich, Firef, Nnino, Paderman, Kurtz, KaiUweBehrmann, Bolo, Mischi, Karfey, Atalanttore, Purodha, Yamakuzure, Vasco, Xenios, Grimm, Frederik, Blueck, Yurchor, Dakon, Kghbln, ThorstenStaerk, Sayakb, Wander, Siebrand, Eseifert and Fengchao