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Page removal?017:10, 11 February 2012
ToC and introductory comments120:40, 28 January 2012

Page removal?

Do you want me to delete this page now?

annew17:10, 11 February 2012

ToC and introductory comments

Table of Contents normally displays as required if there are three or more headings in the page. The statement __TOC__ can be used to force it to display in a different place, or if the page has fewer headings.

Our translators ask that wherever possible we don't use introductory text before a heading - instead, using == Introduction == if necessary. They don't seem to mind taking the attribution line as part of the page title message, though. I'm not sure that the Intro heading would look right on this page, so I'm leaving it to you to decide what you want to do about it.

We use <menuchoice></menuchoice> tag pairs for anywhere that the user has to make a decision, whether it is strictly a menu choice, radio button, checkbox, or whatever :-)

Did we get permission for this? Are you the author of the original blog?

annew12:35, 23 January 2012

Hi Anne,

thanks for reading my tutorial and fixing the "menuchoice". I moved the introduction text to an own subsection called "about this article". I hope this is ok.

Yes, I am the original author of the article at digikam's blog.

Px7920:40, 28 January 2012

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