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New Team Leader facility017:27, 30 October 2011
Folosirea corectă a diacriticelor608:07, 4 June 2011

New Team Leader facility

With today's update of the Translate extension, we have two new options in the "I want to" combibox -

Review all translated messages in... and Accept translations in.

These should be useful when you are checking on the work of new and relatively unknown translators. They are only available to translation Team Leaders, at least for now.

17:27, 30 October 2011

Folosirea corectă a diacriticelor

Pentru traducătorii în limba română: trebuie folosite diacriticele corecte!

Înainte de a traduce vă rog să citiți:

20:20, 3 February 2011
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I know no Romanian, so if you find mistakes in the existing pages, please correct them.

This however raises a question that I think is important. Such notes as you have made here should perhaps be more accessible. I wonder whether we should create one or more pages attached to (and linked from) Translate a Page where translators can give such information for their own language. I think that translators opting for off-line tools are probably experienced ones, but the same links could be attached there. What do you think?

14:12, 7 February 2011

Annew, thank your for your feedback. Your suggestion is very good. A guide for translators is needed. This guide should contain some rules for translators. It may also contain suggestions on how translations should be made. Each teams of translators may propose suggestions you need necessary. It would also be established LEADER for team translators to approve submitted translate texts(or those who know) to avoid the many mistakes (for example: translations in are approved / verified by leader). For example, for translations in Romanian, ALL texts translated have diacritical wrong (ș, ț with sedilla), words are translated to uppercase (only in English is written as not in Romanian), users does not respect rules attached above, many translations are done using Google Translate being inaccurate etc. Also please don't approve any members in Romanian translator team whitout inform us.

16:01, 7 February 2011
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Last edit: 10:00, 11 February 2011

To get this right I need help from such as yourself. First, do we need a page for each language, or are the pages likely to be short enough to group languages similar to the way I did it on Translation_Help_Needed? Should we try that first, then split the pages if they get too long?

I have long thought that it would be ideal to have team leaders for translations. Do you think that we could get established KDE translators interested in this? How would we go about it? Perhaps there could be mutual benefit by mentoring potential translators for the i18n team.

FWIW, the small amount of translation that has been done was by students in the recent code-in. One student was plainly just pasting in Google Translate, and stopped working when I spotted it. Unless we can get the team-leader system working I just have to trust that people who say they speak a language do actually have sufficient grasp of grammar etc. to do the job.

Could you put a watch on the Translator_Account page so that you can pick up any Romanian requests and advise me?

Any suggestions you have regarding this or anything else that improves matters are greatly welcome.

09:46, 8 February 2011

A help or suggestions page for translators are welcome. Home page for translation help should contain generally information available for all languages. Then, help pages should be created for each language, where each team leader to write tips, suggestions and rules as it needed necessary.

Establishment of team leaders is recommended and necessary at the same time. I think it's a very good suggestion which will lead to more accurate translations and to increase the number of translators. Each Leader will motivate your team, you will supervise and recruiting new members.

We have already set a watch on the Translator Account page. If have future applications for Romanian translator accounts I will verify this request and will inform you. Please do not approve any romanian requests for translator account until we discuss it.

I have an important suggestion. The main open source software and Web sites are translated by Romanian community translators with Narro program. We could move the translation files here: We will have more translators, translation memory, spell checker, translations are checked before being approved and we can make a project leader in Narro. But, I would need for your approval, then the location where you can get the files automatically. Preferably these should be in PO format files (but not required). Next you should set a person (probably me) to send files translated place. I waiting for your opinion on the above. Good day.

17:34, 10 February 2011

OK - so we need a general points page with an index to individual language help. I'll start the structure in the morning then you can help me sort out what needs to be on that first page.

Team Leaders - so how do I go about getting such leaders? Often I only have one translator for a language. When we have more than one should I try to contact the "official" translators and ask for help? Is there a better way?

Team Leaders should be named at the top of each language help page, I think. Yes, of course, now I know I will leave it to you to approve Romanian translators :-)

If Narro is your preferred working environment I see no problem. I will make sure that Team Leaders know how to import the .po files - the Translate extension works easily with them. The only reason that details of how to do it are not on UserBase pages is so that we can be sure that imports are only being done by "experienced" translators. Team Leaders should have the right to allow other translators that satisfy the standards.

This is looking very promising.

20:23, 10 February 2011

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