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Amarok is able to play music from an Ampache-media-server. Ampache needs an Apache-server to work.

Ampache Client

Activate the Ampache service using Settings -> Configure Amarok... -> Internet Services.

Remotecollections ampache client.png

Configure the service with the data entered on the server:

Remotecollections ampache client1.png

Now the Ampache service should appear in the left pane.

Remotecollections ampache client2.png


On Debian-based distributions like Ubuntu you can install a Ampache-server using

sudo apt-get install ampache

You need to tell the Apache-server where it can find the Ampache-files. Create the file /etc/apache2/conf.d/ampache with the following content:

Alias /music "/usr/share/ampache/www/"
<directory />
    DirectoryIndex index.php index.html
    Options Indexes MultiViews
    AllowOverride None
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all

Restart Apache with the command

/etc/init.d/apache2 restart

so you can access the Ampache-webinterface using http://localhost/music/ . You get the following page:

Remotecollections ampache installation.png

Choose your language and click Start configuration to configure Ampache. Enter the configuration of your MySQL-database:

Remotecollections ampache installation1.png

Click Insert Database to create the user and database. You will get an error message because there is already a configuration file which is empty. Just enter your MySQL-configuration again and click Write Config and you will get a configuration file as download.

Remotecollections ampache installation2.png

Save this file to /usr/share/ampache/www/config/ampache.cfg.php and overwrite the existing (empty) configuration. After you clicked Continue to Step 3 you can create the initial account to manage Ampache.

Remotecollections ampache installation3.png

Log into your newly created account:

Remotecollections ampache login.png

And you will get the webinterface:

Remotecollections ampache webinterface.png

Click on Add a Catalog in the Admin on the left to create a new catalog of music.

Remotecollections ampache catalog.png

Create a new guest account using Admin -> Add User:

Remotecollections ampache createuser.png

Now you need to allow guest access on your server. Open the configuration in /usr/share/ampache/www/config/ampache.cfg.php and remove the ';'-character before auto_user = "guest". Restart Apache and the server configuration is finished.

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