Documentation team BoF Akademy 2018

(please add missing points)

There will be a contractor for developer documentation -- the team will work with that person when they are ready for that

  • Claus & Luigi to discuss certain projects which have their manuals in userbase and whether they are now exporting to xml

All projects must have documentation -- quality varies

  • Onboarding - Valorie will work with Bhavisha
  • Luigi will look at moving to docbook stuff to Sphinx over time

We need: someone to care for the look of, NEW people to read/try out the onboard stuff (and really, all the user docs)

[Ochurlaud, out of Akademy] : I added some tasks on which basically covers the email I sent on the mailing list. I put no assignee because I think I'm not sure to be able to do it within a correct timeframe.


Hello, this is the page of Valorie: valorie dot zimmerman at gmail dot com.

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