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Cover Manager

The Cover Manager is a tool to manage the cover art images of your collection. It allows you to change covers easily, fetch all missing covers and browse them. You can find Cover Manager in Tools -> Cover Manager.

When scanning the local music library, Amarok tries to find corresponding covers for albums. At this point, Amarok only searches them from the file system, not from the Internet. If none are found in your files, Amarok uses a placeholder image like this for the album cover:
If an album is missing a cover or the current one is incorrect, you can fetch one from the Internet with Cover Manager.

Browsing Covers

With Cover Manager, browsing covers is easy. You can view covers for any artist by selecting from list on left, or use the search box to find the right album. On the status bar, you can see how many covers are currently listed and how many albums are missing covers. You can also set the Cover Manager to only show albums with or without covers. By right-clicking on cover art and selecting Display Cover you can view the cover image at the original size.

Fetching Missing Covers

If there are albums with missing covers, you can try to automatically fetch them all from the Internet. Just select Fetch Missing Covers from the top of the window and Cover Manager will try to find covers. If there are many albums missing covers, the process may take some time.

Changing Cover Art

If there is an album with an incorrect cover, you can fetch new one from the Internet. Right-click on the cover and select Fetch Cover. A dialog window for finding a new cover will open. Amarok automatically tries find the correct album art by searching with the artist name and album name. Usually this works very well, as with the example, and you will most likely see a correct cover on results as in the example. If no correct cover is found, you can try to enter a custom search phrase or change the source of images by clicking on Configure... You can select where to search, including, Google Images, Yahoo! Image Search or Discogs. After finding a cover for album, just click OK and the changes will be applied.

You can also use a image from your hard drive as an album cover. If you want to store the image in the Album folder, name it cover.jpg or cover.png for best results. As before, right-click on the incorrect image and click on Set Custom Cover.

If you don't like the cover art at all, you can unset it by right-clicking on the image and selecting Unset Cover.


You can find this menu without Cover Manager too. Just right-click on the album or song from your playlist or collection and hover the Album item.