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The Script Manager contains the options required to extend the functionality of Amarok through custom scripts. It is reached from the top-level menu Tools -> Script Manager. Scripts can be installed from downloaded script packages, or from the Get More Scripts installer which can fetch the latest user-contributed scripts from the Internet.


Amarok Script Manager
Script Type Description
Generic Not specific to the media sources and the current playlist.
Lyrics Download and display the lyrics of the current song from the Internet.
Scriptable Service Provide media sources from the Internet such as podcasts, radio, audio books, etc.

Manage Scripts

The Install Scripts and Uninstall buttons can be used to manage scripts. One can install script packages of type amarokscript.tar, amarokscript.tar.bz2, amarokscript.tar.gz

Add-on Installer

Amarok Script Manager

Using the Add-on Installer, one can install the latest user-contributed Amarok scripts. There are also options to search, sort and rate the scripts.

Script Information

Amarok Script Info button

Learn more about a script using the info button.

Amarok Script Info

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