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Bold type for program names210:18, 2 January 2011

Bold type for program names

While this is generally correct, we have agreed with the translators that we will not put bold type on a program name that appears in a heading or in a link. I'm not going to rollback your changes, because many of them are correct, but please remove the erroneous ones. If I pass the page for translation as it stands, a translator will take them out and it will have to be marked for translation again - getting us to the same place, but with more steps :-)

16:29, 1 January 2011

Alright, I think I fixed them all. I assumed that the same applies for italicized links, so I unitalicized those as well.

03:10, 2 January 2011

Thanks. Now passed to the translators

10:18, 2 January 2011

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