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Tracks are loaded in the Playlist. When a song is over, normally the one that is below the just-played one in the playlist is played. The Queue is one way to change the order in which the songs are played.

How to Create a Queue

It is very easy to make a Queue, just select one or more tracks and move in the center of Amarok, to the Pop-Up Dropper, or right-click and scroll to Queue Track. As you select or add songs to the Queue each of them takes a number. The number indicates the order in which songs will play.


Queue example 1.png

Queue example 4.png

Queue example 2.png

Queue example 3.png

How to Edit the Queue

If you want to make any changes in the Queue you can use the Queue Editor. Start the Queue Editor from the button in right-bottom corner of Amarok.

Queue editor button.png

Queue Editor

Queue Editor.png
Button Description
Move Up Move selected track ahead in the list.
Move Down Move selected track below in the list.
Dequeue Track Remove selected song from the Queue.
Clear Queue Remove all songs from the Queue.

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