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|[[Image:Nepomuk.png|left|32px]] || '''[[Glossary#Nepomuk|Nepomuk]]''' brings meaning and order to your files.
|[[Image:Nepomuk.png|left|32px]] || '''[[Glossary#Nepomuk|Nepomuk]]''' brings meaning and order to your files.
|[[Image:Strigi.png|left|32px]] || '''[[Glossary#Strigi|Strigi]]''' makes sure you never lose a file again.
|[[Image:Strigi.png|left|32px]] || '''[[Glossary#Strigi|Strigi]]''' makes sure you never misplace a file again.

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The KDE Desktop


These is your basic KDE desktop. These applications are the most common programs found in any base KDE installtion and provide the core functionality of any working system. These KDE base programs allow you to use, manage, and control your desktop and programs with ease and flexibility.

The Applications

KWin is KDE's reliable and flexible window manager, now with 3D effects.
Plasma is the KDE desktop shell and workspace, providing both the desktop and the panel.
Dolphin is an easy to use file manager.
Konqueror is a file manager, web browser, universial file viewer, and more!
System Settings is the new control center for KDE
KWrite is a simple text editor.
Konsole is a powerful terminal emulator for KDE.

The Pillars of KDE

There are other parts of KDE that work under the hood to give you the best desktop experience. You might be interested in knowing about them.

Oxygen gives your desktop a refreshing and breath-taking visual appearance.
Phonon brings the magic of sound and video into your desktop.
Solid helps make your hardware just work.
Nepomuk brings meaning and order to your files.
Strigi makes sure you never misplace a file again.

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