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The KDE Plasma Desktop


This is the basic KDE Plasma desktop. These applications are common programs usually found in base KDE SC 4 installations. They provide core desktop environment functionality. These KDE base programs allow users to operate, manage and control their desktop and programs easily and flexibly.

The Workspace

The Desktop and Panels

Plasma.png Learn about the basics of the default settings, how to configure the panels and desktop to fit your preferences and how to add new features with downloadable content.


Kwin.png Discover KWin, KDE's reliable and flexible window manager with hardware accelerated effects for added beauty and usability.



The traditional "Run Command" window has become a "power launcher" with not only command launching but also desktop search, a calculator and even online Wiki look ups. Find out how to use this new interface, called "KRunner", to streamline your workflow.

Nastavení systému


Nové ovládací centrum pro KDE platformy.

The Applications


System-file-manager.png Discover Dolphin: the default, easy-to-use file manager in the KDE Plasma Desktop.


Konqueror.png A power user's dream file manager, web browser and universal file viewer.


Kwrite.png A simple text editor.


Utilities-terminal.png A tabbed terminal emulator allowing the use of several shells or profiles.

The Pillars of a KDE Platform

There are other parts of the KDE platform that work "under the hood" to give you the best desktop experience. You might be interested in knowing about them.

  • Oxygen gives your desktop a refreshing and breath-taking visual appearance.
  • Phonon brings the magic of sound and video into your desktop.
  • Solid helps make your hardware just work.
  • Nepomuk attaches meaning and order to your files.
  • Strigi makes sure you never misplace a file again.

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