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[[Image:Kugar_complete.png|thumb|250px|A completed template]]
[[Image:Kugar_complete.png|thumb|250px|A completed template]]
== Hints, Tips and Tutorials ==
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An Empty Report Form
  Generate business quality reports from your data

Kugar uses XML to merge your data with your template, creating reports that can be embedded in your documents. It is also possible to embed the generator within custom application.

Features include:

  • Kugar report designer.
  • Report printing in Postscript.
  • Database/datasource neutral, data is supplied to the report engine in XML.
  • Support for direct database access.
  • Open report definition files, report layout is stored in XML.
  • Full control of fonts, colors, text alignment and wrapping.
  • Report Header/Footer.
  • Page Header/Footer.
  • Detail Section.
  • Detail Header/Footer.
  • Unlimited number of detail levels.
  • Grand totals: count, sum, average, variance and standard deviation.
  • Additional formatting (negative numbers, currency, commas for numbers and dates).

More information, including a detailed handbook, on the project's home pages

A completed template

Hints, Tips and Tutorials

This section is under construction

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