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    Helping the KDE Community

    How can I help in development? Do I need to learn how to code?

    There are many ways to help the KDE community, not only through programming. There are other areas of contribution that need talent of other kinds. All that's necessary is the desire to help and some commitment. Of course, if you want learn how to program in order contribute, we will be more than willing to get you started as well.

    Some other ways to help include

    • End-user support - if you are experienced, consider joining a mailing list or the Forum to help support newer users.
    • If you are able to help with translation as part of the official team, consult this list to find a contact point. If you would like to help with UserBase translation, use the sidebar link to get a translator account, then read the Tasks and Tools page.
    • English documentation is also needed, and here on UserBase is a good place to start.


    Q: When I log in to KDE, some programs are/are not started and I want to change this. How can I do this?

    A: See Autostart

    キーボード ショートカット

    Q: When I take a break, I just want to hit the Break key and the desktop should be locked. How can I achieve this?

    A: Open System Settings.

    Select Shortcuts and Gestures -> Custom Shortcuts -> Edit -> New -> Global Shortcut -> Command/URL -> Trigger. Click on the Shortcut, type the key you want to associate (Break in this example). Click on Action. As Command/URL enter


    Then click on Apply.


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