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  • 最終用戶支援-如果你有經驗,加入郵件列表或 英文論壇來幫助新用戶。
  • 懂英文的話,聯系這個列表。要使肯定幫忙翻譯這個 UserBase,點側邊懶的鏈接要索取翻譯權限帳號,然後閱讀幫助文件
  • 也需要英文文檔的,你可以在這個 UserBase 寫。

Login questions

Q: When I log in to KDE, some programs are/are not started and I want to change this. How can I do this?

A: See Autostart

Keyboard shortcuts

Q: When I take a break, I just want to hit the Break key and the desktop should be locked. How can I achieve this?

A: Open System Settings.

Select Shortcuts and Gestures -> Custom Shortcuts -> Edit -> New -> Global Shortcut -> Command/URL -> Trigger. Click on the Shortcut, type the key you want to associate (Break in this example). Click on Action. As Command/URL enter


Then click on Apply.

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