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|[[Image:white64.png|thumb|250px]]|| ||'''A scientific calculator - and more'''
|[[Image:Kcalc-2.3-screenie.jpg‎|thumb|250px]]|| ||'''A scientific calculator - and more'''

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  A scientific calculator - and more

KCalc has everything you would expect from a scientific calculator, plus:

  • Trignometric functions, logic operations and statistical calculations
  • A results stack which enables convenient recall of previous calculation results
  • Precision is user-definable
  • The display allows cut and paste of numbers
  • The display colors and font are configurable, aiding usability
  • The use of key-bindings make it easy to use without a pointing device

A detailed manual is available on-line.

FAQs, Hints and Tips

  • Press and hold the Ctrl key to see the key bindings for every button.

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