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Призначення цього документа

У цьому документі описано правила використання та зберігання особистих ідентифікаційних даних на веб-сайті UserBase.

Про природу вікі UserBase

Редагувати дані, сторінки обговорення та сторінки користувачів, зокрема сторінки інших користувачів, може будь-який зареєстрований користувач. Ми намагаємося запобігти зловживанню такими правами. Будь-яке зловмисне порушення правил може призвести до втрати користувачем прав на редагування.

UserBase є відкритою вікі. Всі розміщені на UserBase дані ліцензовано відповідно до умов ліцензії Creative Commons Share-Alike та Gnu Free Document License. На кожній зі сторінок ви можете знайти посилання на повний текст цих ліцензій. Імена користувачів-авторів будь-якого редагування, надсилання даних, виправлення тощо є відкритими для перегляду, з цими користувачами може зв’язатися будь-який інший зареєстрований користувач.

Облікові записи користувачів

Читати сторінки UserBase і переглядати зображення може будь-хто, створювати обліковий запис для перегляду не потрібно, але для внесення будь-яких змін слід зареєструватися. За допомогою бічної панелі зареєстрованих користувачів можна отримати доступ до декількох сторінок налаштування. На першій з цих сторінок ви побачите поле для введення адреси електронної пошти. Ви можете не вказувати вашу адресу, але ми рекомендуємо вам її вказати, оскільки без неї неможливо відновити забутий вами пароль. Доступ до вашої адреси електронної пошти буде обмежено. Сторінки налаштувань після першої призначено для зміни параметрів перегляду, — якщо хочете, змініть значення параметрів бажаним для вас чином.

Щоб зв’язатися з іншим користувачем, скористайтеся сторінкою обговолення користувача. Таким чином, ви уникнете поширення ваших особистих даних.

Іноді користувачам надаються додаткові права за допомогою включення цих користувачів до певної групи користувачів. Наприклад, потенційні перекладачі мають надіслати запит щодо додавання їх до групи Translator. Користувачі, яких не включено до цієї групи, не зможуть скористатися системою перекладу.

Збирання та зберігання особистих ідентифікаційних даних

Мета збирання особистих ідентифікаційних даних

Personally Identifiable Information is collected for the security and smooth running of UserBase. Examples of the use of this information includes, but is not limited to

  • Public Accountability. When a user registers an account, no check is made regarding the identity of the user. In the case of a serious abuse occurring it is necessary that mechanisms exist for the investigation of the event.
  • To provide statistics. In order to ensure smooth running mechanisms exist for statistics to be gathered from the raw logs of accesses. Information from those logs is not made public.
  • To investigate technical problems. Raw logs may be examined by the system administrators when investigating any technical problem, including tracking down badly-behaved web-spiders.

Every effort is made protect personal information, but it is the user's responsibility to consider any possible consequence of information entered on the site. It should also be noted that before the introduction of the requirement to register in order to edit, any user editing without logging in was identified by his IP address, which is publicly viewable in the edit histories.

Retention of Personally Identifiable Information

IP and other technical information

In the course of any contribution the IP address of the editor is securely registered on the server. It is expired after a fixed period. There is no public access to that information.


If your browser allows it cookies may be set either as session cookies or to maintain logged in status. Users are reminded that if they save a username and password in a browser, that information will be available for use for up to 30 days. Any contributor using a public machine is advised to clear all such cookies and browser caches.

Page History

All edits, contributions and translations are normally retained indefinitely and can be viewed in the Page History. Deleting a page hides it from view, but users in the higher levels of access groups will still be able to access the information. Permanent deletion will normally only occur when required by law.

User Contributions

UserBase offers RSS and Atom aggregation feeds. Aggregation is made according to the user's registration and login status. Other information regarding user contribution, such as the number of edits made, is publicly available in the User Contributions list on Special Pages.

When Reading UserBase

UserBase securely logs accesses in the same way as other websites. That information is not publicly available.

When Editing or Translating Pages

The IP address of a contributor is stored for a time on the server. While system administrators can view that information it is not publicly available.


On UserBase Discussion pages

Discussions normally take place either on user talk pages (associated with a user's personal page) or on talk pages associated with a page. Only your username is publicly visible although the server logs will have a record of your entry. Such discussions are controlled by the same privacy rules as other pages.

By email

It is possible to email a user. If you do, your email address will be visible to him. The recipient's email address will not be shown to you. By its nature such an exchange will be outside of UserBase and will not be governed by the site's privacy policy.


You may request help on IRC channels, specifically on Such conversations are outside of UserBase's control and are not covered by this privacy policy. Be aware that in some circumstances your IP address may be visible to other users.

Access to and Release of Personally Identifiable Information

UserBase is run by volunteers, a small number of which have privileged access rights. Should you need to contact one of those at any time you are advised to consult Special:ListGroupRights. Access to personally identifiable information is limited to users with a high level of access rights.

Policy for Release of Personally Identifiable Information

Data not publicly available may be released by those with high access rights in any of the following circumstances:

  • In response to a valid order from a legal entity
  • At the request of, or with the permission of the owner of the information
  • When necessary for the investigation of abuse complaints
  • Where the information pertains to page views generated by a spider or bot and its dissemination is necessary to illustrate or resolve technical issues,
  • Where there has been persistent vandalism, abuse or disruptive behaviour, information may be released to a service provider or carrier with a view to requesting a targeted IP block or initiating other complaints procedures.
  • Where there is a threat to the rights, property or safety of UserBase, its users or the public.

Except as described here, it is the policy that personally identifiable information will not be released.

Third Party Access and the User's Rights

Should UserBase administrators receive a valid compulsory order from a law enforcement agency the administrators will attempt to reach the user in question by email to an address provided in the User Preferences page to notify him. This will normally happen within three business days of receipt of the order.

UserBase administrators would be compelled to comply with such an order, and cannot advise a user in such a case. However, the user would have the right to resist by filing a motion to quash the order. In that case legal advice should be sought. In this situation, UserBase administrators, on receipt of a court-filed motion to quash the order, would release no information until an order from the court to do so is received.

Users are not obliged to supply an email address. It should be noted that if no address is provided, it will not be possible to follow this procedure of notification.


The administrators of UserBase respect your privacy, and every care is taken to protect it. However it is impossible to guarantee that user information will remain private. Access by unauthorized agencies may be possible despite all our efforts to protect your data. It is the responsibility of the user to consider the consequences of such unauthorized access.

In cases of conflicting information between a translated version of this page and the original version in the English language, the English version will take precedence over the translated version.

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