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{{Template:I18n/Language Navigation Bar|KEuroCalc}}
{{Template:I18n/Language Navigation Bar|KEuroCalc}}
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{|style="text-align:center" "width:75%" cellpadding="4" "text-align:center"
|[[Image:Keurocalc2.png|thumb|250px]]|| ||'''Instant conversions betwen many currencies'''
|[[Image:Keurocalc2.png|thumb|250px]]|| ||'''Instant conversions between many currencies'''

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Template:I18n/Language Navigation Bar

  Instant conversions between many currencies


  • Reference currency can be Euro or US$
  • Official rates downloaded for accuracy
  • Can work with fixes rates, if no Internet access available.
  • Select your known, starting currency - e.g. GBP - and enter the amount.
  • Hit the button with your starting currency label
  • You are presented with the start amount in your own currency and its value in €
  • Select a different currency, and the equivalent amount in that currency

will be displayed.

  • If a known Euro value is to be converted, enter the value and select the € button. Its value will be displayed in your chosen currency

This package is not normally installed by a distribution. Packages can be downloaded from the project's home page

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