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|[[Image:KmplayerScreen.png|250px|thumb]]||'''A browser plugin to play video streams'''
|[[Image:KmplayerScreen.png|250px|thumb]]||'''Et browser-plugin til at afspille videosekvenser'''

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Et browser-plugin til at afspille videosekvenser


  • Plays video from file or web site
  • Popup controls stay neatly out of sight until you want them
  • Can use plugins to play QuickTime, MS Media Player and RealPlayer files
  • Supports bookmarking
  • Supports recording if required backends are installed

Additionally, there is a stand-alone version which can

  • Play DVDs, with DVDNav, if xine backend is used.
  • Play VCDs
  • Play from a TV device (experimental)

Visit the home page for more details

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