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    KMyMoney is a Personal Finance Manager from KDE. It operates in a similar way to MS-Money. KMyMoney supports different account types, categorization of income and expenses, reconciliation of bank accounts, and QIF import/export.


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    Financial summary

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    Here you can browse and submit bug reports

    Obtaining help

    Please refer to


    The KMyMoney FAQ's page


    Read the online manual here.


    Information and resources for developers

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    Media coverage:

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    Copyright and Licence

    Copyright (c) Thomas Baumgart, 2005 Licensed under GNU Free Documentation License


    The project currently has no costs, and therefore has not setup a unified way to collect donations. Each individual developer provides a way to receive donations, which will be used project-related or for leisure (which, in turn, helps the project. After all, a happy developer writes better code, right?).

    Thomas Baumgart

    Amazon wishlists (in different countries):

    Alvaro Soliverez

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