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==Capturas de Tela==
[[File:Sm-home.png|400px|center|thumb|Financial summary]]
[[File:Sm-home.png|400px|center|thumb|Financial summary]]

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Kmymoney.png KMyMoney é um Assistente de Finanças Pessoais do Projeto KDE. Ele opera de modo semelhante ao MS-Money. KMyMoney tem suporte a diferentes tipos de cotas, categorização de receita e despesa, conciliação de contas bancária e importação/exportação no formato QIF.

Visão Geral

Página Inicial do Programa http://kmymoney.org
Autores e Desenvolvedores Members List
Downloads Download Pages

Capturas de Tela

Financial summary

See more screenshots!


Here you can browse and submit bug reports


Users communicate via the users' mailing list

or the web-forum

Developers usually use the developers' mailing list

or the IRC channel #kmymoney on freenode.org. Please be patient, it's a slow channel.


The KMyMoney FAQ's page


Read the online manual here.


Information and resources for developers

Related Links

KMyMoney reviews:

Some nice things users have said about KMyMoney:

Copyright and Licence

Copyright (c) Thomas Baumgart, 2005 Licensed under GNU Free Documentation License


The project currently has no costs, and therefore has not setup a unified way to collect donations. Each individual developer provides a way to receive donations, which will be used project-related or for leisure (which, in turn, helps the project. After all, a happy developer writes better code, right?).

Thomas Baumgart

Amazon wishlists (in different countries):

Alvaro Soliverez

Fernando Vilas

Cristian Oneț

Tony Bloomfield

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