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The KPackage Screen
All the information you could want about your packages



KPackage is dependent on the Smart package manager.

The main screen has two sections. The right-hand one will be empty until you select a package.

Main window

The larger, left-hand pane lists packages, initially in package groups. The sort order can be changed, as in many applications, by clicking on column headers. For each package you are presented with the following information:

  • Package name
  • Descriptive summary
  • Size
  • Version installed

and, if a package is due to be updated that column will show the new version number, while the final column will show

  • version to be replaced.

It is possible, using the drop-down combo-box, to limit the display to

  • Installed packages
  • Available packages
  • New packages
  • Updated packages

There is a Mark column, for making your selection, and you can then use the Packages menu to install your chosen packages

Details window

The four tabs on the right-hand pane give all the information you could need about the selected package -

  • General Properties
  • Dependencies, Provides, Required by and Requires
  • Files included in the package
  • The Change Log
The Properties Screen
Files installed by the selected package
The Change Log

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