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The KWord Handbook

Mike McBride

Gary Cramblitt (garycramblitt

Revision 1.5 (2006-04-23)

Copyright © 2000-2006 Michael McBride

Copyright © 2006 Gary Cramblitt

[Legal Notice]

KWord is a complete word-processing and simple desktop publishing program. It is part of the KOffice suite of utilities.

This manual describes KWord 1.5.


Introducing KWord
What parts of this guide should I read?


Starting KWord
Introduction to Templates
The difference between Text Oriented and Page Layout templates

Step by Step Tutorial

Choosing the initial template
Selecting a frame and entering text into that frame
Changing the size of a frame
Moving a frame on the page and layering frames
Adding a new frame and Making text flow between two frames
Deleting a frame
Tutorial Summary

The KWord Window

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