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Kivio screen.png Votre application pour créer des diagrammes et des graphiques


  • Create network diagrams, organisation charts, flowcharts and more
  • Scriptable stencil creation using Python
  • Support for Dia stencils.
  • Plugin framework for adding more functionality.
Utilisation des formes de base
Utilisation de matériels

Recherche de fautes, trucs et conseils

Vous ne pouvez pas exporter vers des formats image

If you find that you can only export to Kivio Document or Kivio Document(Uncompressed XML files), it's likely that you don't have koffice-filters installed. Installing this package allows you to export to PNG, JPEG or BMP Image formats. It is best to install both at the same time using "yum install koffice-kivio koffice-filters" or a similar command, suited to your distro.

Trucs, astuces et tutoriels

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