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Translation unit tags316:16, 17 July 2018
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Translation unit tags

Hi Christian

I saw your recent work on the What is KDE page. Among other things it seems that you removed some existing translate unit tags (< !--T:..). I don't know what you wanted to to, but it should never be necessary to delete or modify those tags - it will only confuse the translation system. It means, that existing translations of the affected units are lost. The translate units tags should never be touched with two exceptions: If you delete a unit it is a good idea to delete its translation tag with it; and if you move units around their translation tags should be moved along with them. Other than that they are best left alone. Note that the translate unit tags are solely for the use the translate system. They will appear in the order they were created and don't have to appear in ascending sequence.

Claus chr (talk)06:24, 17 July 2018

Halo Claus, yes i wanted to add a blank line after the title meaning that the original tag will be split into 2 new tags one for the title and one for the body of the paragraph. If you keep the tag of the title, will it regenerate a new one for the paragraph ? . Generally speaking what must we do to have separate translation of the title and the body once a first pass has been made on he block title+body ?

Christian Fr (talk)06:33, 17 July 2018

Hi Christian

Good call! It is indeed best to separate the title form the text.

I take it that there were existing sections containing a title plus some text. In that case unfortunately there is no really good solution. You can leave the original translation tag in front of the title - existing translations will remain associated with the title; the text will then be given a new translation unit. This is not quite as bad as it sounds, since the two units will be shown next to each other (even though their unit numbers may be widely separated), so it should be a relatively simple case of copy-and-paste for translators to transfer existing work to new units.

It is always a tricky question whether to improve formatting mistakes of the past. My own rule of thumb is that unless it is a relatively new mistake or the page has only few translations I leave it alone, partly because I don't want to inconvenience our translators more that I have to but more importantly many languages no longer have active translators so an otherwise correctly translated page may be marked as not fully translated for a very long time.

Some times it is possible even for someone who doesn't understand the language in question to see which parts of the original translation belongs to which new units. In such cases I have sometimes done the copying myself to avoid the afore mentioned problems. This can be quite time consuming and is by no means a requirement. In the end it is your call.

Claus chr (talk)08:46, 17 July 2018

Yes, and the second advantage of separating the title from the paragraph is the possibility later, to insert a non translatable anchor (before the tilte) in the english text, so that the translated page does not take care of the local translated title and always branch correcly with the english title reference.

Christian Fr (talk)16:16, 17 July 2018

Hi all !

Christian Fr (talk)11:54, 30 January 2018


Welcome to our wiki! Happy translating!

Yurchor (talk)18:23, 30 January 2018

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