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Kontact 是KDE上整合的個人資訊管理軟體。

Kontact套件在同一個程式裡整合了眾多成熟優秀的 KDE PIM 程式。得益於強大的KPart 技術,現有的程式能無縫整合到一起。

KDE Kontact 的元件調整的能夠彼此良好的工作。這才有某些特性比如在約會處理,任務清單和聯繫人中的直觀的拖放。KDE Kontact 支援各種各樣的群組伺服器。當使用那些伺服器,你的工作組能使用到特性像是共用的電子郵件資料夾、群組任務清單、日曆共用、地址簿和約會時間表。

簡而言之,KDE Kontact 給與了創新,幫助你更容易的管理通信,更快速的組織工作以及更緊密的協同工作,為數位化協作帶來更多的生產力和執行效率。



  • Akregator - 閱讀你最愛的訂閱資訊
  • KAddressBook - 管理你的連絡人
  • KJots - 組織您的主意到一個筆記本中
  • KMail - 電子郵件用戶端
  • KNode - 您的Usenet郵件閱讀器
  • KNotes - 桌面即時貼
  • KOrganizer - 日曆和行程安排,日記
  • Ktimetracker - 追蹤您在各種任務中花費的時間
  • Summary - Kontact 的摘要介面


* 使用 Kontact 發送 SMS



and for urgent help, an IRC channel on Freenode

For users and developers of Kontact - #kontact


Migrating your setup to a new distro

In Kmail, right click on your Inbox and choose Properties. Go the Maintenance Tab. Have a look at the Location. It has either .kde4 or .kde in the path.

Substitute the appropriate path below.

You need the following config files:

  • .kde4/share/config/emaildefaults
  • .kde4/share/config/emailidentities
  • .kde4/share/config/kmail.eventsrc
  • .kde4/share/config/kmailrc
  • .kde4/share/config/kaddressbookrc
  • .kde4/share/config/kresources/contact
  • .kde4/share/config/korgacrc
  • .kde4/share/config/korganizerrc
  • .kde4/share/config/knotesrc
  • .kde4/share/config/mailtransports

and the following directories:

  • .kde4/share/apps/kmail
  • .kde4/share/apps/kabc
  • .kde4/share/apps/korganizer
  • .kde4/share/apps/knotes

If you use Akregator within Kontact, you will also need:

  • .kde4/share/config/akregator.eventsrc
  • .kde4/share/config/akregatorrc

and the whole .kde4/share/apps/akregator directory.

Of course the simplest way is just to keep your whole $home directory. :-)

Just a word of warning. If the directory naming is different between Desktops or between the two versions of Fedora, this will not work as there are references to the directories within the config files. This means that if the files were in a .kde directory, you cannot just put them in a .kde4 directory without editing the references within the config files.

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