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* Currently the KOffice Application and KView support it.
* Currently the KOffice Application and KView support it.
For scanning on KDE 4 see [[Skanlite]].
==External links==
==External links==
* http://kooka.kde.org/ - Project website (not up-to-date)
* http://kooka.kde.org/ - Project website (not up-to-date)

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Template:I18n/Language Navigation Bar Kooka is a raster image scan program for KDE 3.

Kooka is an intuitive, easy to use open source GNU/Linux scan program. It is the scan application of choice for the KDE project and thus it is official part of the KDE Graphics Package.

Preview view

Gallery mode viewing a scan



  • Scanner support using the SANE library.
  • Handling of the important scanner options like resolution, mode, threshold etc. in a user friendly dialog.
  • Preview- and final scanning
  • Interactive and automatic scan area selection on a preview pane.

Image Storage

  • The save assistant helps you to find the correct image format for your purpose and creates a filename for you automatically.
  • Images are stored in the gallery - no need to find a folder to save for every test scan.

The Image Gallery

  • A treeview organised place where your images are stored.
  • Create and remove folders to organise your image collections.
  • Intelligent zooming for best viewing comfort.
  • Basic image manipulation functions like rotating, cropping and more.
  • Image printing in original and custom size.
  • Correct handling of picky tiff images like multipage tiffs.
  • Drag and drop with other KDE programs.


  • Kooka supports GOCR, an open source ocr project.
  • Kooka works with KADMOS, a commercial OCR/ICR toolbox.
  • Kooka interfaces Ocrad, a Free Software OCR program.

KDE Scan Service

  • The libkscan provides a user friendly scan service to all other KDE applications which want to use it.
  • Currently the KOffice Application and KView support it.

Kde4-button.png For scanning on KDE 4 see Skanlite.

External links

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