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Some of this information is old and may be obsolete. If you are a user of Kopete please either directly edit this page or add notes on the attached Discussion page

Off-the-Record Messaging

This plugin allows encrypted conversations with people using clients with OTR capability as well. Enabling this plugin, an icon with a lock will be available in chat windows. It will allow to start OTR sessions. Before being able to start OTR sessions, you will have to generate a private key for each account. This operation can be easily performed in the plugin's configuration dialog.


OTR provides encryption and authentication (if the fingerprint of the other participant is accepted) but the messages aren't signed, so participant can deny the conversation.


Plugin offers four policies to decide when start sessions:

OTR session will be started in each conversation
OTR session will be started only manually
OTR session will be started if the other client supports it
OTR session will never be started


The wikipedia page about OTR has a list of clients that support it.


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