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Головне вікно Krecipes
  За допомогою Krecipes ви зможете працювати з вашим збірником рецептів, створювати списки закупівель, вибирати рецепти на основі доступних складових, а також планувати ваше меню або дієту.

Main features

  • Creates a recipe database, using SQLite, MySQL or PostgreSQL, using a comfortable interface
  • Recipes can be searched by name or by ingredients included or to be omitted

The Advanced Search Screen

  • It's also possible to search on source, yield, preparation time, and several other criteria
  • Recipes are entered an edited on a similar screen. Entry is speeded by the use of drop-down menus using text prediction

Editing a Recipe

  • Ingredients and instructions can be pasted in if a text file already exists
  • Recipes can be printed for inclusion in scrapbooks, etc.

The Print Preview

  • Files can be imported from an existing Krecipes database
  • As well as from "MasterCook" 4, 5 or 6, "Meal-Master", "RecipeML", "Rezconf" or “Now You're Cooking”
  • It is also possible to export to many formats
  • Backup and Restore of database is fully supported.
  • A shopping list can be generated from selected recipes
  • Nutrient values can be used to help you plan any diet

The Diet Helper

  • You can search for recipes based on what you have in your store cupboard

Selecting by Ingredients

  • Conversion tables help you move between Americal measure and metric

The Conversion Screen

This is only a very sketchy overview. There are many more features to be explored in the Handbook. The Project Page has links to Help and Discussion forums

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